Did you know that there are currently approximately 30,000 SaaS companies, and globally, there are about 14 billion SaaS customers

The SaaS market is a very competitive industry. And with its continued growth, it won’t slow down. Because of this, SaaS companies are always seeking solutions to help them improve onboarding, learning, and adoption. And clearly, this has opened up a world of opportunities for digital adoption platforms. 

According to Webinar Care, executives say that digital adoption’s top benefits include improved operational efficiency by 40%, faster time to market by 36%, and meeting customer expectations by 35%. Pretty impressive, right? But what are digital adoption platforms? What does the consumer decision journey consist of in SaaS? How can we impact this journey? How can we improve our sales rate?

We’ll answer all your questions today, including:

  • What is a Digital Adoption Platform?
  • What are the Benefits of using a Digital Adoption Platform?
  • Features to consider when choosing a DAP
  • The 4 Top Digital Adoption Platforms to use in 2023
  • Digital Adoption Platform DAP

Let’s go!

What is a Digital Adoption Platform?

Digital adoption platforms (DAP) are software platforms that simplify user experiences and ensure proficiency on all software platforms, websites, and apps. These digital tools aim to increase ROI on software investments and provide successful digital transformation. 

To simplify user experiences throughout software products, platforms, or websites, DAPs provide in-app guidance such as walkthroughs, articles, tips, self-help menus, video tutorials, task lists, tickets, and more. This will help companies onboard users and understand their behavior and needs to create a more intuitive experience. In general terms, digital adoption platforms are used for the: 

  • Guidance and training for in-app software
  • Analysis of usage data
  • Support users with proactive solutions 
  • Automation of the onboarding process

Adding these types of platforms to your company can have several advantages. Let’s jump over to the next section to discover them! 

What are the Benefits of using a Digital Adoption Platform?

Digital adoption platforms have several benefits, but the major one is that these will help your users understand your technology and value your product. Here are the benefits of using a DAP: 

  1. Reduce time-to-value from new users
  2. Reduce support tickets
  3. Increase product adoption
  4. Enhance onboarding, training, and support
  5. Improve product usability and acknowledgment
  6. Share knowledge more effectively

Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of digital adoption platforms on the internet. However, you should consider their features and choose the one that suits your company best. Let’s see how you can choose the right one for you, depending on the DAP characteristics. 

Features to consider when choosing a DAP

Digital adoption platforms are still a relatively new concept, and with various options available, choosing the right one can take time and effort. Nevertheless, there are common features to consider when you’re choosing a DAP that will help you make the right choice. 

  1. Analytic capacities

One of the essential features a DAP might have is analytics capacity. That means the ability to track user behavior to understand how your customers use your product. Through this information, you’ll be able to adjust your product to your customer’s needs and usage. 

  1. Self-sufficiency

Another great feature to consider is self-sufficiency. Digital adoption platforms should be self-sufficient so the company doesn’t need additional support. This support can be provided through video tutorials, in-app chats, consistent articles, and knowledge bases

  1. Time-to-value

Time-to-value is another essential element of DAP platforms. Think about it, having solutions working sooner decreases the maintenance required and reduces the overall time-to-value. Investing in a DAP that is easy and quick to set up is a wise decision. If you’re interested in having an in-depth look at what Time-to-value is, check out our last article,  Top 3 Customer Onboarding Strategies that Accelerate Time to Value

  1. Subject Matter Expertise (SME)

Subject Matter Expertise training is a system that helps your users understand your software. It does it through video tutorials, webinars, step-by-step articles, or other strategies. When choosing the right platform, check if it offers SME systems, as it’s a really good technique! 

  1. Integrated community ecosystem

It’s interesting to consider the addition of an integrated community ecosystem. When a DAP has a community of adoption professionals, finding innovative solutions and updating the platform regularly with the latest technologies can be a lot easier. 

Now that you’re aware of the important features a DAP might have, let’s discover the top digital adoption platforms to use in 2023! 

The 4 Top Digital Adoption Platforms to use in 2023

Let us present you with the best digital adoption platforms to skyrocket your SaaS business in 2023! 


FROGED is an all-in-one Product Success Platform built by a SaaS company for SaaS companies. It allows companies access to their entire customer lifecycle: Onboarding, engagement, and proactive customer support. It helps connect the information within the customer journey, and lets brands personalize the customer experience at every touchpoint, increasing overall MRR and customer retention.

Check out what FROGED customers say

Irene V (Chief Marketing Officer): With FROGED, we have been able to automate and improve a multitude of internal processes to enhance our customers’ user experience and our communication with them.

Timothy M (investor): I love the interface. It’s easy to use. I also love how there is SO much to do in just one platform for a chat. Add tags, see events, write notes, reference Kbase articles, it’s so intuitive and easy.

Daniel C (Head of Customer Experience for Retail Banking): The tool simply works, it has a very easy and good UI, and the team is awesome, and always willing to help.

2. Pendo

Pendo is a B2B product experience platform that helps SaaS companies understand how their customers use their software products. The tool also gives teams insight into how customers use certain features and where they’re having trouble. Using Pendo, you can create in-app messages and walkthroughs that help users learn how to navigate your products, adopt new features, and become brand ambassadors.

3. WalkMe

WalkMe is a digital adoption platform specialized in onboarding new users or employees. It helps companies receive an overview of the training offered, product adoption, and a customer journey analysis. It’s ideal for enterprises with several thousand customers that may need to provide visibility to business leaders and CIOs.

4. Appcues

Appcues is a no-code digital adoption platform for product teams responsible for customer satisfaction. The main features of this product are its user segmentation capabilities and text bubble walkthroughs. With Appcues, product teams can understand how customers interact with their software and use this information to expand, upsell, cross-sell, and retain their customers.

Digital Adoption Platform DAP

Digital adoption platforms are the best way a SaaS business can increase customer satisfaction and retention. They allow users to understand your product, find answers independently and interact easily or quickly with your company. Additionally, the information collected through DAPs gives companies the necessary insights to improve their products and services. 

Including DAPs in your company has several advantages, such as reducing time-to-value and support tickets from new users, increasing product adoption, enhancing onboarding, training, and support, improving product usability and acknowledgment, and sharing knowledge more effectively. 

To discover more, book a demo to learn how FROGED provides the best platform to guarantee product success and customer satisfaction of your SaaS, or discover our product flows and customer support features today!