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Human Powered Technology Born in Spain


Our Story

Born in 2019, FROGED is proudly Spanish with a Global mindset. Our dynamic and flexible platform is built around one simple philosophy:

Be more proactive and less reactive, create brand advocates and make it easy. Like, really easy.
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About us the founders

The Founders

Our founders Emily, JuanJo, and Angel formed FROGED to help all, but especially smaller, Saas companies offer a customer-centric product experience to their users - without breaking the bank.

Employee Testimonial

FROGED is a truly unique company, and I have been blown away by the culture that can exist in a remote-first environment. There’s so much passion and care taken in every communication, process, and product update.

Heather Rodgerson

Growth Marketer

Our Culture

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We are blessed with an international, diverse and very talented team, spread all over the world. We believe trust and autonomy gets results, and of course, being healthy and active.

Being part of the FROGED team means 100% remote working as well as regular team building activities, a wellness program, high growth career opportunities and JuanJo’s Paella. Sounds good, right?

What's behind the Name?

It’s an uncomplicated thought for a complicated world.
Frogs leap and bound, they never just take a step, which is really how technology moves. It leaps. So here we are - FROGED.

As for the ED part of our name (pronounced Frog-Ed), well, Ed is the name of our frog and mascot. And in honor of Ed, with every new client, we contribute to We Forest, a non-profit dedicated to helping communities sustainably manage their natural resources and forests.
To date, we have funded the planting of over 450 trees.

FROGED we grow planting trees
Meet The Team

Take a closer look at us

Team member Emily

Emily G. Cebrián

CEO & Co-Founder
If you can dream it, you can do it
Team member Juanjo

Juan José Rojano

CIO & Co-Founder
Data power!
Team member Angel

Angel Romero Astorga

CTO & Co-Founder
Hey, I'm coding!
Team member Martin

Martín Stremiz

Software Engineer
Be curious, learn as far as you can
Team member Heather

Heather Rodgerson

Product Marketing Manage
Don't go through life, grow through life
Customer Success Specialist
Nomen est omen
Team member Maialen

Maialen Aristimuño

Product Manager
The longest journey starts with the first step.
Team member Sandra

Sandra Campo

Customer Success Manager
Every challenge brings an opportunity, make sure you take it!
Team member Jesus

Jesús Martín

Full Stack Developer
Nothing worth having, comes easy.
Team member Luciana

Luciana Vaggione

UX/UI Front End Developer
Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens
Team member Amber

Amber Bosch

Administrative Team
If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

Giselle Quevedo

Customer Success Specialist
The world is yours.
Growth Marketer
Wherever we want to go, well go!
Team member lamis

Lamis Shalabi

Graphic Designer
Seek the light at the end of the tunnel
Customer Success Specialist
If you have a dream, don't let anyone take it away
Inbound & Content Manager
I've never done it, so I'm pretty sure I can do it!
Make each day your masterpiece
Team member Dorotea


Head of Environment
Green and Clean!

Advisors and Partners

Partners Perry Monaco

Perry Monaco

Head of Customer Success
Partners Christian H Thum

Christian H. Thum

Partners Elisabeth Courtland

Elisabeth Courland

Customer Success

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