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Built by Customer Success experts for Customer Success teams

Human Powered Technology

That’s right, behind our technology is a deeply rooted understanding from the people that are using it, which means you get a flexible and adaptive solution
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Human Powered Technology

Built by Customer Success experts for Customer Success teams

That’s right, behind our technology is a deeply rooted understanding from the people that are using it, which means you get a flexible and adaptive solution

Improve Onboarding

Retain and engage your customers and prospects with simplified onboarding that gives your customers the tools they need to become brand advocates.


Product Flows

that are interactive and use hotspots and tooltips to immediately engage your customers immediately

In-App Messages

designed with audience attributes so customers receive relevant notifications based on their needs

Educational Tools

within the app making for a proactive and better user experience

Easy Customization

based on user interaction to create a more targeted approach and greater engagement opportunities

Versatile Proactive Customer Support Tools

FROGED’s flexible and powerful toolkit allows you to anticipate your customers’ needs, improving user experience and empowering your team.


Knowledge Base Portal

allowing not only your customers to stay informed, but also your team

Auto messages

that you can control based on attributes to streamline and engage customers in a meaningful way

Dynamic Chat

that provides easy access to reference guides, file attachments or content based on user behaviors

Real customization

based on your business needs – our segmentation and attribute tools are endless and built for flexibility

Improve Customer Experience with Personalized Engagement

Connect the dots with high touch engagement based on your customer’s usage and needs creating a more personalized experience.

Email Campaigns

that are responsive to customer actions resulting in increased engagement

Early Adoption

with our personalized onboarding based on user attributes

Usage patterns

to inform product development and critical sales touchpoints
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Net Promoter Score

survey your users in real time providing new ways to engage with advocates

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Increase Signup Conversion rate
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Resolve support issues faster
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Digital Kit Program

At the time of the request, this site has a WEB page dedicated to the Digital Kit Program with a domain name of the Digitizing Agent, and with the minimum required content, as so indicated in Annex II of the Adhesion Notice, in which the different solutions will appear for each reference that it offers, distributed by beneficiary segments, sectors and the names of said solutions.

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