In this webinar with Product Led, FROGED CEO Emily and our Head of Content Stephanie talked about how to create a consistent onboarding experience.

They shared this conversation with Ramli John, who is the Managing Director at ProductLed, where he works with companies to accelerate their growth using PLG strategies. He is the author of the book EUREKA: How to Onboard New Users and Turn Them Into Lifelong Customers.

Enjoy the show!


The importance of defining a very detailed onboarding process

40-60% of the users signing up for a SaaS app open it once. That’s roughly half of your users signing up, but never using your product, that’s the reason why you should design and implement an onboarding process in your SaaS.

Within this article, you’ll find “14 proven strategies from SaaS Experts” to increase Product Adoption and Retention.