Hey there! Maybe you’re implementing your Customer Success department (If you need help to do it, take a look at this article: 9 steps to create your Customer Success Department ) and that’s great, but you also need some customer success automations to make your work easier.

We have a Zapier integration that allows you to instantly connect your FROGED account with 2,000+ apps and trust me, this will be helpful for you 🙂

Do you know Zapier?

If not, here you have a description:

Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.

So you can integrate platforms and automate some processes without coding, in an easy-to-use platform

Let’s start with our favorite customer success automations:

1. FROGED + Typeform (Leads)

Add new FROGED contacts from Typeform form entries

You should know Typeform, if not, take a look at the tool because is insane (And Spanish, like us )

With Typeform you’ll be able to create amazing forms to get leads, feedback or whatever you want

So here you have the first automation:

Once you visitor leave his/her email in your website or platform, you can add the contact to FROGED

But also, you can add that contact to a dynamic audience

Use case: Request feedback to your users, after that send an email using FROGED to say thanks for the feedback

2. FROGED + Trello (Productivity)

Wow, Trello is growing a lot, in fact, Atlassian has acquired Trello for $425 million…

What will you do with $425 million? I was thinking in a boat…

Sorry, let’s continue with the article

With this automation, you’ll be able to create a Trello card when a FROGED contact is tagged

Trust me, this is powerful to don’t forget if you have something pending with a customer

Use case: Let’s say that a contact talk to you through FROGED Live Chat requesting an invoice but you don’t have access to the invoice software

You could tag a contact and automatically that will appear in your Trello

Your team will be able to see the notification and voila! Happy customer!

3. FROGED + Pipedrive or Hubspot (CRM)

You can automate process in your favourite CRM, here you have a couple of examples:


Tag FROGED contacts when Pipedrive deals reach certain stages.

So… Let’s say that you have your Funnel, and you convert your trial user into a new customer, and you move your deal to a specific stage like WIN, your FROGED contact will be tagged


Create or update HubSpot contacts when new contacts are added to FROGED

In this case, you have other use case, once you add a contact in your FROGED account, you could update or create a new contact in Hubspot

4. FROGED + Google Hangouts (Communication)

Create messages in Google Hangouts Chats when contacts start conversations in FROGED

If you receive a message through our widget, you will receive instantly a notification in the channel that you prefer in Google Hangouts

5. FROGED + Slack (Communication)

Last but not least, we have a native integration with Slack, it means that you can install the integration directly in your FROGED account and you will never lose a conversation

The use case is almost the same as Google Hangouts, if a customer opens a conversation to you in your FROGED Live Chat, you’ll receive a notification in Slack.

How notifications, when you receive a new conversation, looks like:

Try your own automation here: https://zapier.com/apps/froged/integrations