Sengerio’s CEO, Michele Zaccaria did a Q&A Case study to help us understand their biggest pain points and how FROGED has helped Michele and his team overcome customer support issues, improve internal support processes, and increase overall client satisfaction.

How long have you been a client of FROGED, and what were your initial pain points that led you to invest in such a tool?

We have been using FROGED for two years now, and we will continue to use it!

We needed a channel to direct customers who needed assistance. Up until that point, customers were either calling our dedicated mobile number, inevitably creating a challenging customer experience given the difficulty in explaining verbally steps that needed to be shown or writing to our email, which is not dedicated exclusively to support, mixing support requests with other emails.

Can you tell us about Sengerio, how it came about, and why it’s critical to the success of transportation management? 

Sengerio is an application that we designed specifically for bus management.

Our product contains all the features you may need in the field of passenger transport, from the management of vehicles and drivers to invoicing.

If you’re in this business, you really want to use a tool like this.

How important is the user experience, onboarding, and customer support on your platform?

There are other tools that combined can cover all phases of running a bus passenger transportation business, but the fact that Sengerio has everything you need at its core makes the difference!

User experience is everything to us. Our users don’t have to leave the application, they can do everything on Sengerio, so we can take great care of the user experience.

For example, during the free trial period in Sengerio we follow up with our customers personally, this allows us to show them the features that suit them the best and clear up any possible misunderstandings. With FROGED we have been able to speed up our response time for each customer, providing better support and shortening the ticket time, which is essential for the customer.

With FROGED we have been able to speed up our response time for each customer, providing better support and shortening the ticket time, which is essential for the customer.

How do you manage the onboarding, training and satisfaction of your customers at Sengerio?

In Sengerio we have created very detailed guides that our customers can refer to at any time. When we receive a request for assistance, we can then send the guide specific to the customer’s question.

What impression did you have when trying the FROGED Flows?

FROGED Flows is a key feature because it suggests and guides our customers to the right click for the action they need to take! We’ve recently started using this feature and will continue to increase its application as we figure out what tips can be useful to our customers.

What are some of the main learnings you’d like to share on how to better onboard customers?

In Sengerio we now understand that the best way to deal with customers is to anticipate their requests, in order to surprise them and to show them that we are the right choice.

There is a lot of talk about Time to Value at the moment. What relevance does this have for the Sengerio?

In Sengerio, timing is key. Cutting down on support time has been life changing for Sengerio, allowing the customer to make full use of the system and getting a return on investment very quickly.

How has the use of FROGED influenced your business and your team?

With the use of FROGED we have sped up the assistance time, we are able to respond to our customers in a few minutes by sending them directly to the specific page of our guide that answers their needs.

What would you say sets FROGED apart from traditional Customer Success platforms?

Since we haven’t had a chance to try other Customer Success platforms we don’t know how to compare them.

Anything else you would like to add?

Sometimes we don’t get chat notifications correctly and we miss conversations with customers, it would be great if you could improve notifications.