If you haven’t seen our reviews on Sourceforge, Capterra, or G2 – then you might not know that we are kind of known for listening to our customers. One of the biggest pain points we’ve identified when onboarding a new SaaS product, or even when onboarding our own clients, has to be getting past all the different terminologies, acronyms, and features and how these can vary from platform to platform – so we decided to try and ease this process a little. 

Case in point, ever found yourself writing a sentence like “We know our ICP and according to GA4 we need to convert more net MRR to increase our ARPA, but before we do that we have to reduce our CPA while increasing our CTR to reduce our CAC. Good thing we are a PLG company.”

Okay so maybe that example was a little extreme, but don’t blame us. We don’t create them, but we do acknowledge we are a B2B SaaS company, so acronyms come with the territory. 

Without further ado, we present FROGED’s SaaS glossary. A guide to marketing, Saas, and tech terms mixed with an insane amount of acronyms and buzzwords. We’ve packed our glossary with all of the SaaS terms we could think of, but if you want to share your favorite acronym pain point and add to our glossary? Leave a comment below!