Does the expression one-size-fits-all rings your bell? If the answer is YES, you already know what you DO NOT want to apply in your e-Mail Marketing programming. If you want to achieve brutal instead of mediocre results we suggest behavioral emails.

Honest truth is that something as common among marketers as sending the same information indiscriminately – regardless of users’ needs – is the best recipe to continue moving in the lowest range of results that e-Mail Marketing can provide. And nobody wants that for its business, doesn’t it?

Behavioral emails: An alternative to conventional emails

Now, which is a clever alternative? As the smartest kid of the e-Mail Marketing class would say immediately, the most effective solution is clear: focus on sending different e-mails depending on each user behavior, instead of sending the same e-mail to everyone. Thanks, old sport! You´re completely right!

One moment, is this personalization truly possible? Of course, and it’s something you have to put on your priority list from minute one. And we not only talk about sending e-mail content based on the actions and interactions of each user with your company (on the web, in your social networks or in the e-mails you send regularly), but also to create an automated sequence of behavioral e-mails so that all this works automatically, can you believe it?

Look, mom! No hands!

Now you will be wondering what could make all this possible, or what Pentagon-style technologies would us be talking about to make possible sending behavioral e-mail campaigns based on the content your users have seen on your website, links they have clicked into your e-mails or content that has been downloaded, just to give you some nice examples.

What is behavioral e-mailing

Well, it is about Behavioral e-mailing, an intelligent and creative way to program your e-mails to raise your conversion rates thanks to a basic premise: not to give your users the content you want, but the content they need. And you know the best? It is the perfect formula for your sales to skyrocket in record time.

Do you need something else to see the difference? Let´s look at some useful facts: while sending out a conventional Newsletter means about a 20% open rate on average, the effectiveness of e-mail campaigns triggered by the behavior of your users can reach ratios of up to 50%.

In fact, according to recent studies based on millions of e-mail deliveries, those e-mails sent in response to different user behaviors (triggers) have up to 76% higher opening rates than conventional e-mails, with a CTR close to 7% compared to the usual 3%

So far, we already know that users respond much better to e-mails that depends on their own actions (what Schwarzenegger movies lover would not greatly appreciate an e-mail invitation for the premiere of Terminator XII?). After all, doing Behavioral e-Mailing means putting yourself in your client’s shoes to surprise them with a unique shopping experience.

How to make a super email experience – based on user behavior

The next thing is to be clear about the type of actions that can give us the information we need to make behavioral emails happen happen. Beginning firstly by establishing a system to monitor the interactions of our users with our online business:

  • Activity on your website: read posts or product listings visited.
  • Interaction with your profiles in Social Networks (several posts on the same topic shared with their own contacts).
  • Their response to previously sent emails (by clicking on certain links).
  • Forms completed on your website (for example, to download a free e-Book).
  • And many other behaviors likely to be identified.

All this information can positively tell you what really interests your user, leaving aside what not. Smart, right? The next step is to start a conversation with your users based on that behavior that your system has identified. For example, for the user who has read three of your posts marked as “HR Coaching”, you can send a reminder via e-mail with the last ten posts related to this topic.

Finally, and if you put into practice a well-planned system of Behavioural e-Mailing, you will have achieved the dream of every Marketing genius: the individual segmentation of each of your users, and with it, that customization taken to the maximum level that you. It will ensure you keep your business on the crest of the wave.


Written by: Toni Alcántara