Live chat monitoring is the perfect way for any business to increase its customer support and performance. 79% of businesses say that utilizing the live chat feature has had a positive effect on sales, revenue, and customer loyalty. So it’s a no-brainer that the next step should be using chat monitoring and other features like Keyword Spotting. After all, keeping the customer happy is the most important part, right?

But what exactly is live chat monitoring? What are its benefits? And more importantly, how can you implement it in your business with a Keyword Spotting feature? Keep reading to learn more, including: 

  • What is Live Chat Monitoring?
  • The Difference with Call Analytics
  • What are the Benefits of Live Chat Monitoring?
  • FROGED Keyword Spotting feature

Ready? Let’s dive in!

What is Live Chat Monitoring?

Live chat monitoring is the act of supervising the exchanges that happen between your agents and customers on chat widgets. By doing this, you’ll be able to detect common issues that your customers run into and often need assistance with while also creating an excellent opportunity to coach your agents in the areas in which they need improvement. 

But how does it actually work? There are many tools available that are super easy and straightforward. These tools allow you to gather detailed performance reports on your agents’ productivity and performance and your customer’s pain points. 

After gathering all this information, you can pinpoint exactly where you need to improve in order to ultimately increase your customer satisfaction metrics and overall retention

Now that you know what live chat monitoring is, let’s see what’s the difference between live chat and call monitoring.

The Difference with Call Analytics

Monitoring the communication that happens between your agents and customers is not something new. Before live chats ever existed, customer support happened on phone calls – so monitoring was achieved during call listening. 

If it’s not already obvious, the main difference between chat monitoring and call analytics is that during call listening, supervisors are monitoring words said, whilst live chat monitoring is all about tracking the words written

Live chat monitoring has a few more benefits to your support processes than call listening:

  • Supervisors can skim through chat conversations or do keyword searches for what they’re really looking for.
  • It’s easier for supervisors to take over or monitor an interaction – during a call, passing over to a supervisor is noticeable, whereas, via live chat, the change will be seamless and unnoticeable.
  • It’s much more convenient to “save” live chat interactions than record phone calls between your customers and agents. 

What are the Benefits of Live Chat Monitoring?

If you’re thinking about using chat monitoring in your business, here’s how you and your agents can benefit from it: 

1. Improve the performance and skills of agents

Monitoring the performance and skills of your agents allows you to keep coaching them through the process, helping them become experts in your product and perfect their interaction with customers. Your agents can run their doubts by you and solve issues in real-time, saving your supervisors a ton of time and effort.

2. Flag conversations

Negative interactions between agents and customers are bound to happen, like a frustrated customer that keeps challenging your agent. Thanks to chat monitoring, an agent can simply flag a conversation, and a supervisor can then intercept it and redirect the conversation in the right direction. This can also be a teachable moment for the agent! 

3. Improve response rate and accuracy

As your agents become more and more familiar with how they must interact with your customers, they’ll find communication effortless. You’ll see a huge increase in their response rates and the quality and accuracy of their messages, ultimately helping to increase those all-important support metrics

4. Boost Customer Retention

Live chat monitoring makes it easier to provide incredible customer service, and at the end of the day, that’s exactly what keeps your customers around. Did you know that live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel at 73%? So ensuring your live chat support is top tier is a sure way to reduce churn. 

5. Improve Business Productivity

You can gather real-time data on your agents’ productivity and real-time feedback from your customers, so you can immediately implement the solutions needed to optimize the overall productivity of your support team and beyond. 

FROGED Keyword Spotting feature

Using the FROGED app, you can not only use the Live Chat with your clients from different channels within the same platform, but you are now also able to track your Support Agents’ performance via the FROGED Keyword Spotting feature.

Pre-define keywords you want to look out for in the conversations between your Support Agents and clients and track exactly what’s being said during those support chats.

Keyword Spotting dashboard FROGED

Live Chat Monitoring with FROGED Keyword Spotting

Live chat monitoring is a fantastic way to get real-time insights from the interactions between your agents and customers, so you can quickly identify where you can optimize your processes to deliver the ultimate customer experience. 

If you’re able to visually see how many times competitors are mentioned, detect bugs faster, or see which features are requested the most, you can optimize your Live Chat in an instant. 

Thinking about monitoring and optimizing your live chat? Book a demo to learn more about FROGED’s Keyword Spotting feature and how it can skyrocket your customer support!