Here we go again. The business jargon bandwagon has come around again and now everybody’s jumping at ‘customer success strategy’.

You’re probably thinking that it’s just another one of those fads, right?


Customer success is a way of ensuring your clients reach their target business objectives by using your product/ service.

It means that if your SaaS business is dragging its feet with regard to its customer success strategy, you could be losing out a lot.

Having a solid strategy ultimately maximizes your client happiness (and retention!), but also minimizes the dreaded churn rate.

So let me tell you a story of how Sengerio, the passenger transportation software, optimized its customer success strategy using FROGED’s customer success and support platform.

Fasten your seatbelts…

Welcome to the World of Sengerio & FROGED!

Sengerio is a cloud-based suite of software that provides a unique platform for managing passenger transport services.

In addition, Sengerio offers an exhaustive array of management tools for passenger transport companies that need to organize diverse areas of their business, ranging from fleet management to scheduling their services.

One of our primary marketing objectives has been to establish close relationships with our clients by reshaping our customer success strategy and adapting our sales funnel in order to ensure that we are maximising our full potential turnover while minimising churn.

As a B2B software as a service (SaaS) company, we strive to work proactively with our clients to comprehend each of their unique business goals and work together as a partnership to achieve them. For this reason, it is essential that we optimize our clients’ experience from the moment they begin using our application and continuously provide technical support to maintain a rapport.

To achieve our desired objectives we had to rethink the applications we were using at the time to manage our communications with clients and in fact, we found that these solutions typically concentrated solely on customer support rather than customer success as a whole.

This only satisfied half of our problem.

This was until early 2020 and then when we began utilizing an application that combines our technical support with our marketing campaigns in one place, all on a modernized interface that’s incredibly simple to navigate.

As with Sengerio, the advantages that the platform offers are plentiful. But for now, I wanted to share 3 amazing ways in which FROGED has optimized our customer success strategy.

1. Optimizing our Customer Onboarding Process 

While it may be satisfying to see that the bottom-end of your sales funnel is successfully converting potential buyers to clients, the truth of the matter is that the real work has only just begun.

It is essential to have some form of onboarding strategy to welcome your new clients to your service in a way that they already feel orientated and comfortable.

The last thing any company wants is a new client feeling lost or overwhelmed at their first impression.

This is where the first advantage of Froged comes in.

Froged has redesigned our onboarding approach with several powerful features. Most notably, we have started using Froged’s behavioral emailing system to personalize our user emails and better tailor our communications to the clients’ interests.

The mechanism is straightforward and effective. It relies on the user ‘triggering’ an event (action carried out on your website/ application) and if the preset conditions are met, the email is automatically sent to the user by FROGED.

This way, we can understand some valuable information about our users’ activity and avoid sending unnecessary, irrelevant emails. Froged even gives us the ability to track the emails and see their statistics. This way, we know how many emails are engaging our users!

At Sengerio we have created a customized event so that when a new user accepts our Terms and Conditions, the user receives a personalized welcome message to greet them and help them in getting to know our platform. Given that we operate at a global level, the conditions we set primarily concern the language of the user. Thus, we have a category for each language of our behavioral emails.

All our users’ information is neatly stored on a dedicated contacts page where it is possible to collate whatever data necessary for each user, for example, name, country, company name, and contact information.

The user information fields are entirely customizable, which means you are free to choose which information you want to prioritize (more on this later).

Moreover, it is possible to filter the contacts by a type of event or attribute and save these applied filters to subdivide the filtered contacts into dynamic segments. As the name may suggest, these segments are dynamic because if a new user falls within the specified conditions of a segment they will be immediately added.

So what’s the big deal? You can quickly search your contacts and there’s nothing new about that, right?

Not at all! 

This is very advantageous for your business.

Segmenting users into groups of a given characteristic is marvelous for any potential marketing campaigns you are considering. This feature allows you to identify the common denominator of a specific group of your clients that you can ultimately target to potentially grow your service.

Consider the idea of subdividing your clients into segments based upon their total time of activity on your platform- you will instantly have an idea of who is proactively using your product and which clients have even stopped using it altogether.

Combining this with the ability to tailor your (behavioral) email campaign to each niche of your clients gives you a lot of power to your marketing strategy.

2. Reshaping Client Retention

The team at FROGED has taken things a step further by not only limiting the events tool to email campaigns but also configuring automated messages that are presented to our users as notifications directly from our platform.

Auto-messages are created similarly to behavioral emails by predefining a specific event (such as visiting a certain page) and applying any conditions (language, for example) which will then be triggered by the user in order for FROGED to activate the message.

This tool has proven exceptionally useful for communicating our new features, updates, or recommending certain features to our users directly from Sengerio’s platform. Moreover, the messages are always wonderfully presented and consistent with an easy-on-the-eye theme.

In general, this supports our users in adopting new features of Sengerio and keeps them engaged, as well as ensuring the users that Sengerio is always being improved to expand the services that we have on offer.

Another interesting feature is how it enabled us to reshape the Sengerio Knowledge Base.

Creating a multilingual knowledge base can get messy if you’re not organized. However, by using FROGED’s editor it becomes incredibly simple to do this.

One notable difference between our previous software and FROGED is that now we have a greater array of integrations for our knowledge base in order to provide a more efficient reference tool for our users.

Thanks to FROGED, we were able to integrate our knowledge base directly within Sengerio and contextualize the content according to the user’s location on our platform. By adding a ‘Help’ section to each page’s menu, it enables our users to find the precise solution to their queries almost instantaneously and independently.

As a result, this feature removes the need for our users to click-away from what they are doing to resolve a problem, which on a busy day can be disruptive to say the least. Instead, when a user selects the on-page help option, the relevant page of our knowledge base appears in the same style as on-page notifications.

Which is amazing!

Our users have all the help they need at the click of a button. We have even included relevant links at the bottom of each page to refer our users to potentially useful pages.

Equally but alternatively, Sengerio uses FROGED’s in-app customizable widget where users can access the entirety of our knowledge base if they would like to explore areas of our program they may have not yet discovered and utilize the chat service to contact the Sengerio support team directly.

3. Outstanding Technical Support Platform

From chat routing management to automated, predefined answers, the software covers all the necessities a client support chat platform needs.

What separates FROGED’s platform from its competitors is the easy-to-use Live Chat that makes managing many messages a doddle. It is possible for our agents to share multimedia, such as screenshots and even GIFs, on the chat to clarify a solution to a client’s query.

The chat also ties in very nicely with the knowledge base as our agents are able to immediately link relevant pages of our guide from within the chat. This ensures that our client support gets straight to the point of the customer’s solution.

These small elements all add up and count towards the overall satisfaction of our clients’ support experience. More recently, FROGED introduced an agent feedback feature for our clients so that they can express their thoughts on their support experience.

Here at Sengerio, we believe it is vital to constantly be open to feedback, whether positive or negative, to help evolve your client support strategy and create another solid reason why clients should choose you.

Another interesting point about FROGED’s platform is that, when we are contacted by a user, FROGED shows the user information on the very same page. This way, we know exactly who we’re talking to.

Previously I mentioned the customizable user information fields on the dedicated ‘Contacts’ page. At Sengerio, we were able to create a ‘Session Id’ field that utilizes FROGED’s SDK to retrieve a user’s specific session identification code that’s unique to the user’s browser.

This is an extremely powerful tool for us because when a client requires further assistance, we can use the session id to share the user’s screen by using our co-browsing software in two simple clicks.

This has added another fantastic dynamic to our client support service at Sengerio. Thanks to this feature, we are able to provide guided, ‘frontline’ assistance to our clients if all other means of support haven’t resolved an issue- rendering our support service solid and effective.

In general, the client chat, knowledge base, and customizable in-app widget provide a splendidly powerful array of arsenal to reinforce any client support program, making FROGED a force to be reckoned with.


All in all, FROGED has been hugely beneficial for optimizing Sengerio’s customer success strategy.

But behind this optimization was the FROGED team who consistently provided help on-hand to guide us around potential obstacles. The support team responds quickly, politely, and helpfully to every query you might have.

Furthermore, the combination of FROGED’s simplicity and their superb support team make the onboard process of your own team a piece of cake.

With a well-defined Roadmap for the near future, we’re excited to see where FROGED will take us next.

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