In this article, I’m going to show you how you’ll be able to retain users better when you track customer behavior

If you know what are they doing, you can send relevant campaigns to engage them

But first, you need to know more about a couple of words (Attributes and Events):

Attributes are the properties that you can track, either automatically or manually.

These attributes allow detailed monitoring of what your users are doing on your app and provide very relevant information when it comes to making decisions, improving your sales, highlighting your business or segmenting the audience.

There are two types of attributes:

  • On one hand, we have the attributes related to events,  those that can be connected with events. They’ll provide you with information about what is happening on your platform
  • On the other hand, we have the attributes related to contacts which, as we have mentioned, provide us with detailed information about the users and contacts of your website or platform.

Froged comes integrated with a series of attributes that have been predefined, that you can use from the start. But if necessary, you can create new customized attributes.

Events are the actions that are carried out by users within the page which gives us valuable information, such as when someone clicks on a certain button or when a user logs in.

By tracking all this information, you’ll be able to understand all the steps that your customers are taking and decide the correct actions based on that.

Now you know more about attributes and events

But wait…

Why should I track customer behavior like events and attributes if I have already Google Analytics?

Because Froged gives you the specific data that you need to track but also the tools to launch campaigns.

Believe me,  you’ll prefer to have all the information about your Customer Success Department in one platform

Okay, but…

How can I create this retention that you’ve mentioned?

If you have the data, you have the power but if you have tools to manage that power, you’re a superhero!

Froged Team

First, you’ll need to decide the relevant attributes and events for your business

eg: If your working at a SaaS company, you should create events like: Sign Up, Purchase, Upgrade plan… And some attributes like: Plan selected (Free, Premium) or Plan status (Trial, Onboarding, Active)

The second step is to decide the actions that you want to launch once your contact fires the event/attribute

  • eg 1: After the sign up >> Launch an auto message to explain how to Set-up their account.
  • eg 2: If the contact has canceled the plan >> Launch a recovery email with a special offer to retain that user

Also, you can create In-app retargeting to get more users. take a look at this article: How to create In-App retargeting?

As you see, there are a lot of options and variables to create…

If you need more information about how to track customer behavior by creating events and attributes, you can check our Knowledgebase HERE

Froged knowledgebase

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