There is no data worse than a slap in the face to those who manage businesses on the Internet such as the following: on average, only 2% of visits to our websites ends in a conversion. Companies using a live chat see this percentage increase drastically.

Did it hurt? Sorry and please, accept our apologies. But while such data may seem daunting, the good news is that there is a logical explanation for the low conversion rates, and therefore, we can identify actions to fight against it.

Ey, we know that you have a great product! And whoever trusts your company gets to feel fully satisfied and repeats. It is normal at this point to start asking yourself … what could we do wrong so that the conversion of our website remains low?

What is it worth having a Live Chat?

Let´s give this matter even a moment’s serious thought and consider if we are really putting ourselves in the shoes of those potential customers who still do not know us, considering their doubts, objections, and concerns. The answer would eventually be not (although we often find it difficult to recognize).

You may feel, in addition, that your website is missing something, maybe that point of personalization that seems to have disappeared with the Internet. Does it sound familiar to you?

In the new era of technologies when direct contact whit customers can be brought to the next level, you have surely heard something about live chat’s great benefits for digital businesses. And not without reason, since this may be what your business is lacking: a direct, personalized, and flatly effective contact with your potential users.

Users look for brands to give them their confidence

brands with which feel special instead of being treated just as one of the bunch. If your website is more like one-size-fits-all, your potential users will rarely feel special. So, for your website to be a powerful sales generator, you cannot put aside the goal of building a space of maximum trust and loyalty whit your consumers, getting them to feel unique.

Do not forget these users are reaching your website in multiple ways, with very different motivations and seeking answers to very varied problems. In the first instance, it is not always as easy for them as for us – masters in our field – to find the precise nuance that makes our solution exactly what they really need. We have to become their guide, and a live chat may be the perfect tool to do it in a smooth way.

A higher level of interaction

with the user will give your communications a greater degree of humanity. This makes a big difference when the user is doubting whether to make that purchase in what looks nothing more than a new online business in his life, perhaps the one that solves his big problem, perhaps the one that would eventually mean a waste of his money. We have to make sure it is the first case, and a live chat tool is a nice way to get the job done.

If we now take these three critical aspects for your users (personalization and trust, guide in the search for the best solution and that human treatment of a lifetime), and we give you the perfect technological support through the appropriate live chat tool, that’s when the conversion of your website is going to fly like a rocket in space recognition mission.

How come? Once we have made sure to make these three points the epicenter of our work at a website level, and whit the help of a live chat tool, we will finally have everything we need to turn any landing page into an incredible lead generator that works at full speed for us .

Why will live chat be going to become the perfect revulsive within your lead generation plan?

Here are some examples to illustrate it in a practical way:

  • The queries that users will ask you through live chat represent the perfect opportunity to request their contact information. Within the context of looking for the best solution – for the user, chat has to be perceived as the activator of an internal process where your company will get to solve even the least of its doubts- it will not be out of place to request their name and email to contact later.
  • Implementing (within the chat) direct access to your FAQs is a great way to reduce the barriers that may be reducing the conversion of your website, and that could be solved with quick access to the specific solution.
  • Through live chat, you can redirect the user to the most appropriate sections of your website to obtain the answer to their inquiries. It is very effective when your website has a resource center with different downloadable content in forms. Once the user has transmitted their doubts to live chat agents, you will be in a position to recommend the download of a certain e-Book (in exchange for their contact information).
  • The lead generation work of your live chat does not stop at any time. In those moments when the chat would be out of order, you can ask the user for their e-mail in order to contact later.

From the moment in which the live chat tool allows to direct the user’s visit on our website, the process of obtaining the lead is in the hands of your own team. That´s why relying on a live chat is really helpful to make your business grow while improving customer service, sales and lead generation

Written by: Toni Alcántara