FROGED contributor, Anika Zubair who is Vice President of Customer Success at Karbon, host of the Customer Success Channel Podcast and Co-Founder of CSM London, in her latest post walks us through how to choose the right customer success software.

There are plenty of tools out there right now – but how do you know which features you should invest in based on your business needs now and in the future?

In this video we start with the 3 core things you should hope to achieve with your customer success software:

1. Assess the health of an individual customer

2. Analyze all the collected data to present customer trends

3. Maximize the probability of renewals, upsells, and user success

From there we will drill down into the best type of tool for your use case – from onboarding, customer support and feedback to analytics and project management tools, this video will be your guide to a comprehensive customer success strategy.

And we won’t lie – FROGED can do much of this for you in one platform vs. 5 – so if you are feeling curious contact us today!