Our product updates for Novemberfocus on omnichannel communication with your clients, and performance metrics to optimize your user onboarding experience.

Email Channel Integration Update

With our latest email integration, you now have a universal inbox allowing you to unite all of your communication channels  –  whether it is chat, FB Messenger, email, or WhatsApp.

Simply choose your channel to start or continue the conversation with your customer, with all historical omnichannel conversations in one place.

With email added to our universal inbox, you can send targeted email campaigns to a company, specific segment, or individuals.

  • Forward or send new emails from your Gmail or email service provider
  • Set up and send HTML email campaigns
  • Build personalized automated behavioral emails 

All sent from FROGED!

Pro tip:

Need an assist? Send a note within the inbox to a colleague or team member – speeding up response time and improving customer satisfaction.

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Start a Conversation via WhatsApp within FROGED

Stay in touch with your customer on their preferred communication channel.

With our new update, you can easily send a message to a specific group, account, or individual right from your universal inbox. 

New Product Flow Metrics

We’ve added new metrics to help you optimize your product flows performance and increase retention.

Now you can: 

  • Obtain step-by-step metrics of your flows
  • Analyze flow results by date or daily
  • Gain insights on the exact number of users interacting with a flow – allowing you to test, increase engagement and improve product adoption

For help setting up your inbox integrations, product flows, metrics, or previous product updates, jump on a quick call with our customer success team.