What’s New at FROGED

It’s been a busy summer here in Spain because our proactive team reached out to our clients and guess what? We heard you loud and clear. In fact, we have made some amazing updates to our features and even launched a new product.

Let’s go over what’s new:

  1. New Mobile App (both iOS & Android)
  2. Account Conversations – plus new languages added
  3. NPS Fraud Monitoring
  4. Omnichannel Customer Support Communication

Say Hello to our Little Friend…

New FROGED Mobile App

Our brand new app is available for both Android and Apple users and it’s FAST. Our new responsive mobile app gives agents more control and flexibility with respect to how and when they respond to customers. What does this mean? Your Customer Support teams have client communication at their fingertips, to ensure your customer experience is fantastic. 

Next up, it’s all about…

Account Conversations

This new feature means that customers can group their users in a variety of ways – either under one account, department, or company. With account conversations, customer support agents can view account-specific conversations to better understand and organize their inbox. 

Account conversations are designed for a scaling organization and your customer support team. When your client’s business grows, your CS teams have a simplified communication process in place both internally and externally!

NPS – Just Got Even Better!

We’ve received some great feedback from customer support agents about an uptick in fraudulent NPS responses, so we added a new tool to ensure NPS integrity remains intact. Agents can now remove fake or fraudulent NPS results. In addition, clients have more flexibility with their targeting to ensure a more realistic outcome of surveys.

Omnichannel Communication 2.0

This summer we decided it was time to take WhatsApp multi-channel support to the next level. So, let’s breakdown the latest feature that is going to save customer success and customer support teams a bit of time:

  • Organize and assign conversations to the right agent or group
  • Efficiently respond, track and manage ALL conversations in one place – that’s right – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, support emails, chat – in ONE platform
  • Learn and track support metrics by channel – new conversations, first-time reply, customer satisfaction, etc.

These updates not only will improve customer support response time, but also improve your product and customer experience!

Looking for more details about these updates and enhanced features? Book a demo today and we will walk you through them.

Other ways to improve your Customer Support:

  • NPS Surveys – See what customers really think about your product
  • Product Updates – Update your product changelog to keep customers in the loop
  • Flows – Send the right customers, the right message, at the right time
  • Behavioral Marketing – Learn why it’s critical to your retention and CX

We’ll be back next month with more amazing Product Updates

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