In this episode of our Fireside Chat Series, I sat down with Peter Armaly, one of the CS industries most sought-after experts, to talk about the Customer Voice. Peter is Vice President of Customer Success at ESG, Advisory Board Member at CSM Practice, and Proof Advisor for Proof Analytics, as well as certified in the Oracle B2B and Luminary Masters.

Our discussion focused on the business function of Customer Success, and how the CS role is dealing with constant changes in both the client and the internal company environment – answering the challenging question, how can we always keep it relevant?

“Customer Success is the nucleus of any company: Pushing the product forward, whilst addressing all elements of the Customer Experience”

Peter also gave incredible insights on the following points when addressing the Customer Voice:

  • Data is no excuse for not knowing your customers – any business of any size can start a conversation, and initiate human touch with its customers
  • How to establish the customer voice as a small company
  • How to collect customer feedback
  • What key metrics every company needs to measure (spoiler: Is NPS about vanity?)

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