In this Fireside Chat, CMO at FROGED, Stephanie Rubin, sits down with Customer Experience expert, Kia Puhm. Creator of the Intelligent Framework™ and founder of The Desired Path, Kia, discusses her ‘AHA’ moments throughout her career and how growth is managed by placing the customers in the center of everything.

In this video, Kia dives into:

  • Exploring the most effective customer journey
  • The benchmarks and metrics to measure and group user data
  • How to scale operations based on the ‘right’ data
  • Understand the pain points at each stage of the customer journey – not just focusing on one metric e.g. Product Adoption
  • Customer-centric design for both Sales-led and Product-led organizations

The two also talk best practices, SaaS companies leading the way, and the Intelligent Framework™. For more insights on mapping out your customer journey watch our Fireside Chat with Nate Brown, and scaling your customer success, with LinkedIn’s Perry Monaco.

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