Talentoo is digitalizing the HR, personnel, and recruitment sector by offering a B2B platform in which they connect companies from all industries that are publishing their job offers. Talentoo offers a global network of selected companies and headhunters that access these offers, and propose the best CVs already interviewed and filtered, to save time and increase the possibilities of finding the ideal candidate. Read below to discover how Talentoo has improved user experience and client satisfaction

In addition, the publication of a job post is completely free and companies can choose what they want to pay – only paying if they are successful in incorporating a candidate.

Talentoo: centralizing all existing recruitment channels in one place.

Can you tell us about Talentoo, how it came about and why it is essential for the success of recruiting talent?

Talentoo emerged in 2016 when, on a trip to the US, I discovered a B2B career platform model that connected companies looking for job seekers with a network of recruitment professionals who were in charge of searching for the best candidates. After realizing that nothing similar existed in Spain, I decided to launch Talentoo January 2017, offering Spanish companies the possibility of a professional recruiter network (who never pay anything and work successfully for interesting fees). On our platform recruiters can search for, filter and interview the best candidates and present them to you through Talentoo. In addition companies can choose what they want to pay and pay only in case they are successful and find their ideal candidate. From the first month, Talentoo was gaining the trust of numerous clients.

By September 2018, we launched the improved platform based on the feedback of our users and, now, post COVID, every day we acquire new clients from Spain, Europe and America who want to publish and promote their  job vacancies with us.

How important is the user experience on your platform?

It is essential, since one of the key points for us is the quick and agile management of processes by companies, which means we are constantly improving and adapting our product to ensure the user experience evolves with our customer expectations.

How do you manage the onboarding, training and satisfaction of your clients in Talentoo?

Everything is done in a totally personalized way, with the intention that the user feels accompanied and supported at all times by the Talentoo team. This means from the second they engage with us – from posting their opportunity to when they have successfully hired the right candidate.

The ability to automate these touchpoints based on unique user behavior is critical and essential for us.

What was your impression when first using Flows?

It’s something we’ve been waiting for since we started using FROGED. It is critical that we provide personalized user support, so we also need to be able to apply it within the platform, and for the user to know at all times what they can find and expect from the platform in a personalized and automated way. This is the beauty of FROGED’s flows.

What are some of the main recommendations that you would like to share on how to successfully onboard customers?

Mainly, and based on our experience, understand who your clients are and what their needs are at all times, in order to apply the best type of onboarding to each client.

There is a lot of talk these days about Time to Value. What relevance does this have for Talentoo?

It is fundamental, and more so in times of great market competition that we are experiencing now. The client has to perceive value from the first moment, and this value must be perceived in the quality of the CVs they receive, in the speed of response and in the customer experience they receive when they use our platform.

How has the use of FROGED influenced your business and your team?

Thanks to FROGED we have been able to improve many aspects of our product, both in terms of usability and in terms of engagement with our users. Because of this, we have managed to detect, analyze and improve many points throughout the customer life cycle and process within Talentoo.

What would you say sets FROGED apart from traditional Customer Success platforms?

FROGED is helping us a lot in automating our interactions with our customers, while keeping it a personalized experience. And we love the direct and close treatment that FROGED provides to us. FROGED uses their own product daily when interacting with their clients, which ultimately means that our business is improving just by using their tool and this to us, says a lot about the company and their vested interest in our success!