Hello, I’m Víctor Llisó, co-founder of Pekebook.

I was born in Barcelona, have a degree in Philosophy and am the proud father of two children. I view myself as a 48-year-old entrepreneur trapped in 2 bodies, both 24 years old. One is dedicated to marketing and the other to sales.

In all of my business ventures I have always focused on those two main objectives as they go hand-in-hand. How can I design and explore new ways of attracting customers and then show them how we can help them with our product and services.

At Pekebook, I am using this accumulated experience to capture and develop the brand and I am lucky enough to be doing it with the best team in the world.

We have been using FROGED since early 2020, and this case study I explain how we have reduced Time to Value by managing and automating processes, improved user experience and onboarding, and increased our overall customer satisfaction during this time – and continue to do so.


Can you tell us about Pekebook, how it came about, and why it’s critical to the success of schools? 

Pekebook is the clear example of a solution that is born out of necessity. After having two children and seeing how the nursery school was communicating with us on a day to day basis, we decided that it was a method that cried out for its digitization. 

After meeting with several centers and educators to better understand their needs and challenges, Pekebook’s digital agenda was born.  

Pekebook changed the mode of communication in nursery schools. It enables real-time communication about the daily progress of the child and brings together in a single tool all the communication needs that children’s centers require for their day to day.

How important is the user experience on your platform?

Six years ago, when communication in these centers was carried out through paper agendas,  one of our obsessions was precisely that the UX was as satisfactory as possible. The validation and proof of this process was seen in the many months we dedicated exclusively to the subject.

Finally we designed a solution for the centers that would be as intuitive as possible and with a very natural learning curve. We knew that Pekebook had the difficult mission of dethroning something as simple as filling out a paper agenda.

We not only focused on the UX of the platform based on the nursery school needs, but also on the app that the parents and caretakers were going to use. So in essence two user profiles. 

We knew that at the end of the day the parents were the ones who were going to report their experience with Pekebook to the schools. That is why we are very product driven and are mindful of the ease of use and experience with the product. 

I am happy to say that our work is well founded, because according to the data from both the parents and centers, they are all delighted with how easy Pekebook is to use and the value it brings to them on a day-to-day basis.


How do you manage the onboarding, training and satisfaction of your customers in Pekebook?

Despite being a very intuitive environment for those who decide to try Pekebook for the first time, our “obsession” to make things easier goes further. This means, we want to “accompany” the user throughout their entire learning process.

After trying several tools we finally adopted FROGED. With FROGED we not only obtain a complete map of all the actions carried out by our users, which for us is essential, but also it helps us to continue to understand how, when and where we can continue to help train new registrations.

FROGED has also become a direct source of knowledge about the degree of satisfaction that our customers have with our platform. Their NPS tools help us to evaluate at all times the degree of “infatuation” that hundreds of schools have with Pekebook.


What impression did you have when trying the FROGED Flows?

For a SaaS technology like ours, the activation of our users is paramount and the new flows module that FROGED has integrated makes everything much easier. 

It is a very intuitive method, being able to create the different flows to guide users. In addition to the possibility of alternating different supports such as texts, images or videos as well as the correct location of the different tooltips helps you create flows in a very short time and with exceptional performance.

If we combine that with the wide segmentation capacity it offers us, we ensure that we impact on those users who need it in a non-intrusive way.

What are some of the main learnings you’d like to share on how to better onboard customers?

As we mentioned earlier, I consider that the onboarding of a SaaS product is the highest priority.

 For us a good onboarding must meet the following requirements:

·  Be focused on concrete and very short actions so the user feels that they are achieving the objectives without effort.   

·  Perform a good segmentation. For example deciding who, when and where we are going to show the flow  

·  Get to the WOW moment of the product 

·  It’s personalized base on the users action, so it’s not annoying or intrusive   


There is a lot of talk about Time to Value at the moment. What relevance does this have for the Pekebook?

We know how important it is to keep Time to Value as short as possible for customer acquisition. In our case, users perceive very quickly the value that Pekebook offers them for the daily management of their schools. As soon as they register they begin to check everything that Pekebook has to offer them.

It is true that many of them come with the knowledge that Pekebook is Spain’s No. 1 digital agenda for nursery schools, with all the functionalities they need. Yet, paradoxically what ends up standing out with our clients and what they value above all is the reliability and security offered by our platform.

In the end it is essential to impact users quickly and easily with the functionalities and retain them with the stability of the tool.


How has the use of FROGED influenced your business and your team?

FROGED has helped us track the customer experience on our platform in great detail. That translates into knowing more about how, why and where they use our platform, being able to help them when they need it and offering them much more personalized experience and attention..

In addition, it has helped us automate many management processes, freeing us so we can dedicate more valuable time to improving Pekebook and perhaps being able to have time for another glass of wine!  

What would you say sets FROGED apart from traditional Customer Success platforms?

Without a doubt all of the team and technology behind it!!

Something that we have noticed from the first day is the desire that the entire team has to help us and make things easier for us. There is technical support that not only responds very quickly, but tries to provide improvements. This proactive mentality has an indisputable value for us.

On the other hand, and now even more with the contribution of flows, it offers us everything we need and ask for in a customer success platform. It has become a very powerful tool with a lot of potential. If we add to that a very friendly and intuitive user experience we can do nothing but recommend FROGED to anyone who really cares about their customers and wants to improve their relationship with them.