This month’s product updates are FROGED agents and designed to further enhance your customer experience.

New support channel coming soon: EMAIL

In addition to Chat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, your team now can use email as a support channel too! What does this mean – you can route issues and communicate with even more customers, all from one place!

Templates! Templates! Templates!

Saved replies in WhatsApp give you the possibility to create a WhatsApp template or use FROGED’s provided TWILIO  template to validate in TWILIO

Cross-account support

As you know, a contact can belong to multiple accounts. Now you can see the account a contact last accessed and manually assign the contact based on their last communication.  we show which is the last one with which they accessed. 

This means if you route new WhatsApp or email incoming conversations if the rules have conditions regarding the accounts, this gets applied to the selected accounts. 

Want to learn more about this new feature? Contact us today!

Improved Navigation

Based on your feedback, we’ve updated the Knowledge Base Navigation menu to make it a little easier for your customers.

Unified Events Tracking for Email

You can now create all of your events from one page and apply them to different areas of FROGED. E.g Your behavioral email campaign builder.

And easily add account attributes and personalization tokens wherever you are: From directly inside Text Editor to setting up the Contact Triggers and conditions.

Mobile App Madness

We may have only launched our new Mobile App in July, but it’s been so well received we decided to add another WOW factor – like editing contact attributes! 

You can also create omnichannel communication connecting conversations with your mobile and web apps creating a better user experience with intelligent routing and auto-messages.

Speaking of mobile apps, here are some ways that we can work with your app:


Do you have a mobile app built on hybrid technology like Ionic? If you do, FROGED can integrate easily with your product.

Have questions about integrations? Contact us today!ming