FROGED – Customer Success Software for Startups

April 4, 2023 2023-04-12 15:33

FROGED for Startups

Launch and grow your Startup with the most affordable Customer Success software for Startups

Startups that are eligible

Startups get up to 50% discount on all subscriptions during the first year

... and 10% off the second year. We believe all SaaS should have access to great customer success software, which is why you can receive our Startup discount if you meet these requirements:

Raised funding up to €500,000

Less than 2 years of active company life

Associated with an approved incubator, accelerator or community

Not currently active in any other FROGED plan

Raised funding up to €500,000

Less than 2 years of active company life

Associated with an approved incubator, accelerator or community

Not currently active in any other FROGED plan

Do you qualify for FROGED Startup Program?

Or not sure, but want to know more about how to use customer success software to scale your business. Click below to set up a quick call.

Why FROGED is the best Customer Success tool for your startup?

  • Improve product adoption rate
  • Increase your engagement &  retention rates
  • Reduce churn (or prevent it entirely)
  • Increase your MRR
  • Position product usage metrics to optimize your CS strategy from day 1

What are the right customer success tools for you?

Customer Onboarding

Convert your users into paying clients, using tools like Product Flows (tours, walkthroughs, etc) to guide users through your site or platform. No code needed. Customize each onboarding experience with our easy 'click and create' builder.

Customer retention & engagement

Increase NRR (Net Recurring Revenue) and engagement metrics through in-app and email automation features. Track your user's behavior and trigger personalized campaigns to keep users engaged and add value.

Proactive Customer Support

Add to your product the best omnichannel chat widget and receive in only one inbox any communications thanks to our integrations.

Knowledge base

Design and publish a help center that will reduce the number of customer support requests.

Unlimited segmentation possibilities

Segment your automations to reach your customers at the right time.


NPS automated tool to analyze the level of satisfaction of your customers with your product.

Ready to evolve your customer success strategy?

Talk to one of our experts, and find out how to get set up in just a few minutes.

See what FROGED customers are saying about their experience

I'm always looking for tools to help me manage and understand my users, so this is a perfect tool for me. I'm extremely happy with the support team.
Roberto Robles Testimonial Avatar

Roberto R.

CEO at Odontalify
The product was easy to use and set up. It's very powerful. It has auto-messages, a knowledge base and most importantly triggers based on the client behavior.
Pavel Mazuelas Testimonial Avatar

Pavel M.

Head of Growth at Passporter
I would recommend FROGED to all businesses. Detailed data of each user - Ability to engage with users. New features all the time - good & fast customer service.
Jessie Akkermans Testimonial Avatar

Jessie A.

CEO at Doggies in Town
We love FROGED for its simplicity and the fact that it is very user friendly. Plus, FROGED has excellent customer service!
Jose Manuel Gomez Rodriguez Testimonial Avatar

José Manuel R.

Project Manager at Wuolah

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