Case study: Talentoo

April 20, 2023 2023-04-20 15:20

How Talentoo Improved client satisfaction & user experience

Through the use of behavioral analysis of the user journey and personalized product Flows Talentoo has automated processes and improved the customer experience


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Onboarding & Training

About Talentoo

Talentoo is digitalizing the HR, personnel, and recruitment sector by offering a B2B platform in which they connect companies from all industries that are publishing their job offers. Talentoo offers a global network of selected companies and headhunters that access these offers, and propose the best CVs already interviewed and filtered, to save time and increase the possibilities of finding the ideal candidate.

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Madrid, Spain

Use case

Customer Onboarding & Increase Engagement

Plan & Tools

Scale: Product flows, Support, Inbox, In-app messages


Talentoo Case Study Q&A

How do you manage the onboarding, training and satisfaction of your clients in Talentoo?

Everything is done in a totally personalized way, with the intention that the user feels accompanied and supported at all times by the Talentoo team. This means from the second they engage with us – from posting their opportunity to when they have successfully hired the right candidate.

The ability to automate these touchpoints based on unique user behavior is critical and essential for us…

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About the Author

Javier Puebla has a degree in Psychology at work with a Master's Degree in HR Management. In 2016 he founded Talentoo, an employment platform with a B2B methodology. Before Talentoo, he worked as Personnel Recruitment Manager at CISCO and Warner Bros. Park, Director at Alliance, Vice President of ANAC (National Association of Employment Agencies) and is currently a Partner at DHR Global (HR Consultant he founded in 2008).
Javier Puebla
CEO & Co-founder


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