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April 19, 2023 2023-04-20 10:55

The Ultimate Checklist to help improve your onboarding experience ft. Shift

Director of Product, Michael Foucher, talks about the analysis and creation of a new onboarding process.


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About Shift

Shift, Director of Product Michael Foucher, and his team recently realized that their customer onboarding process was not performing as well as they liked, so they undertook the daunting task of analyzing and creating a new onboarding process. Below he shares his own experience and a must-have checklist to improve your onboarding experience.

Onboarding Success Checklist:

  1. Analyze your customer journey
  2. Understanding your data
  3. Build and test
  4. Make it interactive
  5. Have a plan for post onboarding
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Shift Case Study Q&A

How important is it to analyze your customer journey?

Knowing your customers from start to finish is crucial to a personalized onboarding experience. We want to prevent dropoff right from the beginning by keeping track of analytics such as website visits and conversion rates. We can also gain extremely valuable insights from conducting customer interviews to understand what their journey is like the second they visit our website. We can then iterate our landing pages according to customer feedback and data to…

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About the Author

Michael is the VP of Product and Technology at TryShift or Shift which is a desktop app for streamlining and collaborating across accounts and workflows. Before TryShift he was the Director of Products at Redbrick, a leading provider of desktop software analytics and distribution technology. He has 20 years of experience in bridging the gaps to build innovative new products that are profitable. From start-ups to enterprise his ability to lead tech teams in the development and launch of both software and hardware solutions is quite vast.


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