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April 21, 2023 2023-04-21 13:56

How Sengerio Improved ROI and Customer Support

Sengerio has been able to speed up the response time for each customer, providing better support and shortening the ticket times


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About Sengerio

Sengerio is an application that we designed specifically for bus management.

Our product contains all the features you may need in the field of passenger transport, from the management of vehicles and drivers to invoicing.

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Customer Onboarding & Proactive Support

Plan & Tools

Custom: Support Inbox, Knowledge base, Product Flows

Sengerio Q&A

What are some of the main learnings you’d like to share on how to better onboard customers?

In Sengerio we now understand that the best way to deal with customers is to anticipate their requests, in order to surprise them and to show them that we are the right choice… [and] …timing is key. Cutting down on support time has been life-changing for Sengerio, allowing the customer to make full use of the system and get a return on investment very quickly…

Case study 1

Building a Customer Success strategy with FROGED

Q&A Continued...

How are you reshaping Client Retention?

The team at FROGED has taken things a step further by not only limiting the events tool to email campaigns but also configuring automated messages that are presented to our users as notifications directly from our platform.

Auto-messages are created similarly to behavioral emails by predefining a specific event (such as visiting a certain page) and

Case study 2

Improving Customer Support Using Product Flows

About the Author

Michele, CEO & Co-founder at Sengerio (formally Allbus) has over 20 years experience in the transportation and services sector. He has formally headed up Product teams, and has directed and founded various companies in the transportation, tourism and public relations industry.


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