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April 19, 2023 2023-04-20 10:53

Pekebook Improve User Experience & Automate Onboarding Processes

Pekebook has mapped the actions carried out by users, to understand how, when, and where we can continue to help train new registrations - whilst creating WOW Moments


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About Pekebook

Pekebook changed the mode of communication in nursery schools. It enables real-time communication about the daily progress of the child and brings together in a single tool all the communication needs that children’s centers require for their day to day. 

The work has been well founded, and according to the data from users, they are all delighted with how easy Pekebook is to use and the value it brings to them on a day-to-day basis.

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Pekebook Case Study Q&A

How do you manage the onboarding, training and satisfaction of your customers in Pekebook?

Despite being a very intuitive environment for those who decide to try Pekebook for the first time, our “obsession” to make things easier goes further. This means, we want to “accompany” the user throughout their entire learning process.

After trying several tools we finally adopted FROGED. With FROGED we not only obtain a complete map of all the actions carried out by our users, which for us is essential, but also it helps us to continue to understand how, when, and where we can continue to help …

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About the Author

Hello, I’m Víctor Llisó, co-founder of Pekebook. I was born in Barcelona, have a degree in Philosophy and am the proud father of two children. I view myself as a 48-year-old entrepreneur trapped in 2 bodies, both 24 years old. One is dedicated to marketing and the other to sales. In all of my business ventures I have always focused on those two main objectives as they go hand-in-hand. How can I design and explore new ways of attracting customers and then show them how we can help them with our product and services. At Pekebook, I am using this accumulated experience to capture and develop the brand and I am lucky enough to be doing it with the best team in the world. We have been using FROGED since early 2020, and this case study I explain how we have reduced Time to Value by managing and automating processes, improved user experience and onboarding, and increased our overall customer satisfaction during this time and continue to do so.


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