Case study: LastBasic

April 19, 2023 2023-04-20 10:51

How LastBasic Is Winning at Scaling Up

LastBasic COO, Steve Janssens, reveals all about how they have scaled up their processes and operations, and the strategies and tools that helped them - with a focus on product strategy and user experience.


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About LastBasic

LastBasic is a product development and prototyping company. We are focused on making our industry more accessible to a larger audience.  We are digitally transforming a traditional industry and creating an approachable service for all that want to create through the development of our platform and marketplace approach to product development.  

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Madrid, Spain

Use case

Onboarding, proactive support & customer engagement

Plan & Tools

Scale: Product flows, NPS, Support, Inbox


LastBasic Case Study Q&A

Can you explain the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Methodology, and how LastBasic approaches it?

I am a big believer in MVP methodology when building a startup.  Especially when you are working closely with customers.  We are transforming an industry and traditional workflows around design, project management, and engineering skillsets and we need to test our assumptions on a daily basis.  I always push myself and my team to consider how to test their approach to making our product better, as a way to build a service based on real needs rather than assumed needs.  Also because we are a startup, we need to be smart with our resources and really focus on…

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About the Author

My role at Lastbasic is Chief Operations Officer. I manage our internal operations team with the goal to ensure our clients (the inventors) and our experts (the designers) are happy and making progress on our platform. I have been working on developing the product strategy and operations strategy for our company for the last 3 years with our talented team from all over the globe.
Steven Janssens
Chief Operations Officer


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