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Build Brand Advocates for your eHealth Solution

Nurture your digital eHealth users to reduce support hours with proactive onboarding tools, designed to increase product adoption with ease.

Faster Healthcare Onboarding

Take the tech out of technology with smart onboarding tools designed with the understanding that every patient or medical professional is different.


Product Flows

With hotspots and tooltips that immediately engage your users within the onboarding process

Customizable Events

Creating greater engagement opportunities based individuals needs

In-App Messages

Providing better care and faster communication with customers about product features and tips

Knowledge Base Tools

Within the app making for a proactive and better user experience when it comes to identifying online healthcare needs
E-Health Customer Onboarding
FROGED Knowledge Base

Self-Serve Support Tools

Anticipate your customers’ needs with a powerful and nimble toolkit that will improve time to value and build power users for your e-health solution.


Auto Messages

To streamline and create effective communication and engagement opportunities for customers

Encrypted Dynamic Chat

Where you can easily reference guides, historical records, attach files or have content available based on your audience behaviors

Knowledge Base Portal

That keeps your team informed and organized with easy access to your customer history

Omnichannel Communication

Keep all your patient, medical professional or account conversations in one place with notifications, with previous records and internal notes in one inbox

Engaging & Digital Bed-Side Manner

Convert your customers from free to paid with high touch engagement based on their needs and usage patterns allowing you to create a more personalized e-health experience


Email Campaigns

That are responsive to patient or medical professional actions resulting in increased engagement

Early Adoption

With our powerful behavioral segmentation creating a truly personalized user experience

Retarget & A/B Test

With hotspots and tooltips that immediately engage your customers with the right message at the right time

Customisable Widget

With capabilities that provide self-help education, service updates & fast, human, support via chat
E-Health Support Chat

Improve Product Adoption

Try FROGED’s dynamic Onboarding and Proactive Customer Support Platform Today


People who love us

I'm always looking for tools to help me manage and understand my users, so this is a perfect tool for me. I'm extremely happy with the support team.
Roberto Robles Testimonial Avatar

Roberto R.

CEO at Odontalify
The product was easy to use and set up. It's very powerful. It has auto-messages, a knowledge base and most importantly triggers based on the client behavior.
Pavel Mazuelas Testimonial Avatar

Pavel M.

Head of Growth at Passporter
I would recommend FROGED to all businesses. Detailed data of each user - Ability to engage with users. New features all the time - good & fast customer service.
Jessie Akkermans Testimonial Avatar

Jessie A.

CEO at Doggies in Town
We love FROGED for its simplicity and the fact that it is very user friendly. Plus, FROGED has excellent customer service!
Jose Manuel Gomez Rodriguez Testimonial Avatar

José Manuel R.

Project Manager at Wuolah

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