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Early Adoption Head On

Invest in your onboarding to retain customers and merchants based on their user behavior
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Crypto Glasses CX matters

CX Matters

Use FROGED’s robust tool kit to improve the customer experience by understanding how the user interacts with your platform.

Onboard. Adopt. Repeat.

From limitless behavioral events and emails that personalize onboarding to product flows, your customers are in the driver's seat based on their onboarding preferences. Plus, you can track where they left off to retarget lagging adoption or A/B test different user flows.
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Crypto reduce churn

Be Proactive and Reduce Churn

Every customer is different so personalize their experience based on their interaction with your blockchain. Whether it is dynamic chat, product flows, a knowledge base or the in-app widget - this translates to less support tickets and increased usage of your platform.

Digital Kit Program

At the time of the request, this site has a WEB page dedicated to the Digital Kit Program with a domain name of the Digitizing Agent, and with the minimum required content, as so indicated in Annex II of the Adhesion Notice, in which the different solutions will appear for each reference that it offers, distributed by beneficiary segments, sectors and the names of said solutions.

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