🔥 Increase your sales NOW with automated messages 🔥

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🔥 Increase your sales NOW with automated messages 🔥

🔥 Increase your sales with automated messages 🔥

This is Jesus, Froged Marketing Specialist. Let me show you how to create an amazing “grow sales” automation.

We are going to create an automessage in a specific button. My goal is once the visitor clicks on the button I will offer them a special discount only for a limited time. *Following this strategy, we will achieve more sales in an easy way.

Get the Selector of the Button

1) First Step : Right Click > More Tools > Developer Tools OR Right Click > Inspect

2) Select your button : Click on the button on the right side of the picture and after a click on the button that you choose for this automation, in my case I chose the “ART” button.




3) Copy the selector : Right button > Copy > Copy selector

Create your event

4) Paste your selector : In your Froged app. Click on Settings > Events > ” + ” > Paste your selector > SAVE

Last Step

5) Create your automessage: In the “When and Where” step, select Automessage is triggered when *contact.. fires an event* > Automessage *will be fired with* > *SELECT YOUR EVENT,* in my case I created an event called “ClickonART”

6) Be creative: On the next step you will find the Message editor, here you can offer discounts,

The Result

Here you have the result. When the customer clicks on “ART” I launch an automessage with a special offer Try this strategy in Froged


Jesús Vivas – Customer Success I’m your Froged Agent, my goal is to let you know all about our amazing tool and help to grow your business. If you have any doubt or just to say hello, please contact me: