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Create and Optimize Your Customer Retention Strategy

Implement the right processes to make sure your customers stay engaged, and upgrade their subscription with your product.

Retention hero image
Retention hero image

Product - Led to Product Success

From NPS to Product Flows, gain valuable insights about your product and onboarding to prevent churn

Dynamic Customer Care

Use our powerful in-app widget for messaging, live chat, knowledge base attachments and so much more

Onboarding that’s Easy

Create personalized email and retargeting campaigns with A/B testing, based on user engagement with your product
Emails, Flows & In-app Messages

Your customers know your product, now keep them engaged

Things have changed, your business needs to keep your customer engaged, offer proactive support, and take control of the user experience - today.

Retention retain
Dynamic llive chat screencapture
Dynamic Live Chat

The correct message at
the correct moment

Our nimble widget improves customer experience by guiding your customers to the correct agent - helping them find solutions quickly and keeping conversations in one place.

Knowledge Base

A Robust Toolkit for Self-Serve Knowledge

Create documents in our easy-to-use editor and improve your self-service support without increasing your costs

Use Cases

Retain customers

Provide educational articles with FROGED Knowledge Base

Improve Onboarding

Launch product updates and keep your customers engaged

Manage Customer Conversations

Manage your conversations through one of the best live chats

Digital Kit Program

At the time of the request, this site has a WEB page dedicated to the Digital Kit Program with a domain name of the Digitizing Agent, and with the minimum required content, as so indicated in Annex II of the Adhesion Notice, in which the different solutions will appear for each reference that it offers, distributed by beneficiary segments, sectors and the names of said solutions.

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