Live chat

Engage and support
Talk to the right people in the right place, at the right time
Have all important information at hand while talking to your clients
Collect email addresses to provide answer when the visitor is already gone

Event Tracking

Understand all visitors
Identify growth opportunities by understanding each customer's journey with instant insights
Group your users in dynamic segments and use tags to keep your database organized
You can track your sales funnels and target specific groups without the need to set filters every time
Add your custom events in JS to track behaviors like registering or adding a product to the cart

Email Marketing

Stop sending the same email to all of your subscribers
Charm your recipients with a personal touch adding names, companies etc
Improve performance using A/B tests and tracking opens, clicks and unsubscribes
Easy-to-use interface lets you style texts, include personalization and edit the design in seconds.


An integrated knowledge base to provide faster answers
Easily edit and add articles to walk your customers through products and services
Articles can be saved as drafts to come back and edit later. Once completed, posts can be published and go live immediately
Available from our widget, you can update your FAQs without changing the code of your website