This month our team in our Dev Zone has been very busy with product updates from WhatsApp and Segment integrations to building robust and versatile product flows, as well as continuing to make improvements to our UI/UX. So, we asked them to pull back the curtain so to speak, and share with us their very own dev influencers; who inspire and motivate them and how they continue to learn the skills, tools, and best practices needed to keep boosting FROGED’s product success. 

As a product-led organization we don’t just build, we use our own product every day – with our own clients. This means we are kind of our own case study (on average 0.2% churn, y’all). Now our dev team is pretty stellar, wouldn’t you agree? Let’s see what they have to say.

The Dev Team’s Dev Influencers

In no particular order, here are our IT team’s top 6 dev influencers:

1. Dev Influencer: Midudev | Jesús Martín Ruiz, Full Stack Developer

My dev influencer of choice is Midudev. When you watch his videos and live streams you can learn about a  lot of new frontend tools and technologies.

Moreover, he gives his viewers some little tips and tools based on his own experience and throughout his career that you can use on a daily basis for your own development. 

The most important thing to me is when he streams while actively coding his open-source projects. It’s beyond useful because it helps you understand how other developers make decisions on how to handle simple and harder tasks. It is truly invaluable..

Areas: Front-end, React, Next.js, JavaScript Vanilla

2. Dev Influencer: S4vitar | Martin Stremiz – Software Engineer

My influencer of choice is a streamer who goes by the name S4vitar.

He does live streams every day where he teaches his followers about pentesting and cybersecurity. In today’s tech world this is extremely important to understand. 

From S4vitar I have learned how to make applications more secure and the nuances of how an individual can attack an application (either web, mobile, etc) along with many techniques to avoid cyber attacks like XSS, SQL-Injection, Fuzzing, Brute force, and so on.

I think cybersecurity is one of the most critical parts of an app that many people are not taking seriously and because it is evolving so fast, it is critical to stay up-to-date on not just prevention, but also to understand how these attacks can transpire.

Areas: Back-end, Cybersecurity

3. Influencer(s): Javier Ferrer and Rafa Gomez

Other dev influencers that I follow are at CodelyTV. Within CodleyTV,  there are two individuals, Javier Ferrer and Rafa Gomez. They have a public repository on Github where I have learned a lot of development “best practices” along with tools and applications to improve productivity and achieve consistent solid results.

Plus, CodelyTV has a library with free and paid courses about front-end, back-end, CSS, Testing, AWS, and Android to name a few. So, it is a great source on a variety of developer topics.

Areas: applications development in general

4. Dev Influencer: Miguel Carranza | Juan José Rojan Carretero, Co-Founder & CIO 

Miguel is not your typical influencer with tonnes of followers on social network platforms, but he is a very practical person with a very good understanding and vision of the CTO role within a startup. He fully opens up and shares all of his experiences – both failures and successes, as he himself is scaling his own startup. These insights have proven invaluable to me as it has helped me to better understand the key growth moments of a startup, and how to face them.

Areas: CTO, startup, team management, project management, cybersecurity, investor relationships.

5. Dev Influencer: Jesse Showalter | Luciana Vaggione, UI/UX Front End Developer

Jesse Showalter is the influencer I really like to follow. He has a very interesting YouTube channel where he explains how he works in terms of UI/UX and web design. He speaks about essential and advanced tools, best practices, and specific projects, and showcases work from other professionals. The videos are short and to the point, so it’s really easy to watch.

I also follow him on Instagram where he often answers questions from followers. It is very interesting to see how he advises and inspires his peers to overcome some of the most common designer issues.

Areas: Front-end, UX/UI, Design

6. Influencer: John Carmack | Angel Romero, Co-Founder & CTO

The dev influencer that I truly engage with is John Carmack. John is one of the programmers who had the most impact in the 90s as well as in the video game industry. He is the Founder of ID Software, and the creator of Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein 3D. These titles not only revolutionized the video game industry but also introduced numerous development techniques such as binary space partitioning trees, lightmaps, etc.

I started very young in the world of programming, so I watched his tutorials and tried to implement his techniques because I wanted to make video games too. While I never became a video game creator, without realizing it, those tutorials that I took as a kid gave me a great foundation and taught me a lot about development and believe it or not, trigonometry. I also think it made be a better leader. 

Areas: C++ / 3D Graphics / Maths 

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