First, I’d like to quickly applaud the Intercom team . They’ve built a great product to help businesses. They “surfed the chat wave” and they did it very well. But now it’s time to surf the coming wave, the behavioral messages.

Because receiving some conversations it’s pretty good so far. But analyze your customer behavior and guiding your users through your website or platform to open qualified conversations is amazing.

What’s the difference between FROGED and Intercom?

There are features and product stuff that’s different between us, but let me show you the top 5 reasons because clients are coming to FROGED directly from Intercom

Because you’re paying heavily.

Within Froged You’ll pay up to 80% less than you’re paying now.

This would let you:

– Increase your budget to reach more clients

– Be more efficient in costs each month

– Everything you ever wanted to invest in

Start Qualified Conversations with FROGED

We provide you one of the best Live Chats to receive more conversations and generate more leads. Quote messages, send documents and save your replies to offer quick and effective support.

So if you’re looking to grow revenue and offer stunning support with chat, you need Froged .

– Switch conversations between agents

– Receive push notifications of new conversations

– Easy sorting between inboxes

– Attach knowledge base documents

– Complete customer profile at a glance

– Go fast with saved replies

Create documents in the Knowledge Base

– Tree view with drag and drop between folders

– Perfectly integrated into the support widget

– Full view mode without switching pages

The WOW Effect You Were Missing With Intercom

Segment customers and trigger proactive automated messages to get their attention or guide them in your product onboarding:

– Set an automated message in your home, pricing, or feature page to convert users into clients

– Push an automated Welcome message to your new user

– Create useful messages with videos, images, buttons…

– Send email & behavioral email campaigns

Reach your customers in a proper way to reinforce any marketing initiative you have going on, by using your previously saved segments or by filtering an audience

Personalize the email for each contact with their data (name, company, etc.)

Segment your clients by their attributes and by their actions using custom events

Analyze the interaction with the campaign with the open rate and click rate

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