Since as far back as we can remember, your own customer experience (CX) with a brand or product has always outweighed the financial cost, because the perceived value of interaction with a product simply carries more weight. Think about it. You love a restaurant, but no matter how great the food is, if the service or ambiance isn’t there – are you willing to go back and spend the money? And if the food is meh, but the service and ambiance are extraordinary (think every beachside restaurant ever) do you go back?

If we head into the digital world of SaaS or DTC value-filled experiences take on a new level of importance. Why? Well as anyone who is reading this knows, a happy and empowered customer can easily become a very powerful voice and advocate of your product. And with that advocate comes a higher lifetime value and lead generator to name a few benefits.

A New Approach to CX

Make no mistake SaaS companies like us are definitely paying attention. In fact, improvements to CX have nearly doubled this year. Making service itself a critical part of every company’s strategy and budget – and with it raising the bar exponentially of what “great” customer service looks like.

This is no longer an operations-related “cost center”, but rather a new approach to those who wish to drive sustainable growth of their business. And philosophically we couldn’t agree more. At FROGED we are in essence our own clients and our purpose-driven philosophy is to lead the evolution of what customer outcomes look like for SaaS companies.

As technology moves at an accelerated pace, businesses have to move away from a reactionary mindset to a more proactive-support mentality. With the right technology, customer success can and will be part of proactive customer engagement resulting in emotional loyalty and retention with your product. Ultimately, it can drive growth and build brand ambassadors along the way.

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