Welcome to Leaps Ahead from FROGED! As we head into the thick of Autumn, filled with holidays and discounts – Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’re looking at you! Let’s make the most of investigating new technologies, testing different concepts, and, of course, optimizing our existing products and processes. Which is why we’ve pulled together a list of trending topics you need to know about, in order to help you scale this month.

First up, some quick news flashes for you.

Finance Stuff  

E-commerce Christmas boost or slump?

Deloitte recently reported that consumers are planning on less is more with respect to Christmas presents this year.  The report also stated that consumers will spend less time physically in stores, which implies more online shopping this year.

Yet, in a strange twist, 74% of consumers intend to spend the same amount or more than last year ($1,400 to be exact). Confused? 

Just know that online shopping will take 63% share of holiday spend this year and 34% of consumers plan to use social media as part of their shopping journey.  

The Street Five 

  1. DIY is apparently DOA. Cohort-based courses are all the rage, garnering 80%-90% completion rates. Will we see a rise in online education influencers, next?
  2. Piggybacking. It’s how an ad tech firm can add a 3rd party cookie to a websites visitor through another ad tech firm that the website has given it access. In essence the ultimate workaround!
  3. Liz Truss, resigns as UK Prime Minister after only serving for 45 days in which many say her policy put the British economy into a free fall. We love the memes
  4. Is it Halloween or are we just obsessed with murder? Netflix’s series, Monster about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer had 3.7B minutes watched the first week of its launch – making it the 10th most streamed title in a single week ever
  5. Can’t dance no problem! Adobe’s Project Motion Mix is AI that can turn still photos into dancing animation – it’s the AI we didn’t know we needed

The Rise of Micro SaaS

Why give Oracle $300,000 for a solution when you can pay $50 a month for a solution that does exactly what you need it to do right now? 

Micro SaaS goes beyond the vertical concept and into niche usage. A great example is Brightwheel, a SaaS product specifically designed for childcare centers. 

In the past 2 years, Micro SaaS has grown by 191%. While we expect micro SaaS to take a hit in the near future, it does open opportunities for these companies to be purchased to fill voids in existing portfolios. Like a bear coming out of hibernation that turns into a Phoenix, perhaps? Hey – best analogy we got right now….

The Fall of Apps

According to Bloomberg, in 2021 companies used on average 81 different apps  vs. 58 in 2015. And if you are employed at a large scale company there’s a chance that you switch between apps 1.2K times a day. Talk about counterproductive.

App fatigue is a real thing with companies often switching tools, requiring new passwords, onboarding and the whole process. 

A few of FROGED’s favorite apps:

What you Need to Know to Scale:

From making sure you are mobile-ready to being product-led, but focused on sales performance here are some quick insights for scale.

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