Chief Churn Crusher, Anita Toth, and the team at ATI provide clients with Voice of the Customer-based Customer Retention research, strategy, and educational resources. The 5-time customer success award winner sat down with us to get real about the importance of Voice of the Customer to SaaS businesses and how most of us think we have a strategy in place, but we actually do not. 

The teacher of Success Coaching’s “Difficult Customer Conversations” course doesn’t hold back and gives us clear guidance on:

  • Pitfalls of relying on surveys
  • Prioritizing actionable activities
  • Creating a reliable process and strategy (hint: standardization doesn’t work)

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  • Teach you how to build a predictable customer retention strategy 
  • Show you how to confidently increase your customer retention  
  • Educate you on how to get buy-in from executive teams

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