In this month’s Fireside Chat, we sat down with Last Basic Chief Operations Officer, Steve Janssens, to discuss how Last Basic (Product Development Company) has scaled using various product management and operations strategies and tools, including:

  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Methodology
  • Product-led Growth Strategy
  • Proactive Communication
  • User Flows

FROGED CMO, Stephanie Rubin, and Steve dive into thought-provoking topics like, which metrics are critical from a growth perspective – and which get more attention than they deserve? What’s the value of proactive communication versus responsive? And why every company needs to be a Customer Experience provider these days.

Watch the video below for all the insights:

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A bit about Steven Janssens

Steve is a product development leader with 15 years of international business and management experience bringing new products to market for established technology brands and early-stage startups in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Steve received his undergraduate degrees in Physics and Mechanical Engineering in Michigan and his MBA from IE University in Madrid Spain. 

Steve has worked with many product design brands helping them bring new products to market while also working with talented multinational and multidisciplinary teams to achieve great technical and operational results.  Steve is a strategic thinker who believes in leading and communicating with a purpose.