Boosting ROI with WhatsApp Campaigns: the new revolution in Customer Communications


By Delia Rodríguez Herráez, Staff Writer
Last updated: November, Thursday 20, 2023

WhatsApp worldwide: A global X-ray of its impact

With over 2.7 billion unique WhatsApp accounts around the globe (Statista – June 2023) no wonder why companies are using this communication channel more and more with their customers. It is present in more than 180 countries, and 50 million companies around the world are already using it as a marketing channel. Interestingly, China is refraining from this type of marketing for now since the use of WhatsApp is banned.

Through WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp aims to help companies engage with their audiences, accelerate sales and provide a better customer support service. Businesses can now communicate with their customers, users or sales prospects at scale.

The top regions worldwide both using WhatsApp Business and with a large number of people with WhatAapp accounts are Asia Pacific and Latin America. Biggest contributors to this fact have been India and Brazil respectively (Statista 2022 data. In June 2023, WhatsApp Business had over 200 million monthly active users (MAU) worldwide according to Statista, versus just 50 million back in July 2020.

A curious piece of information: an average user opens WhatsApp at least 23-25 times daily. Isn’t this channel worth a try?

Strategic use of WhatsApp: some key use cases

As previously stated, it is a fact that the average person accesses WhatsApp at least 20 times each day. Through their presence on one of the most active instant messaging platforms, companies maintain daily contact with potential customers.

This communication tool has the potential to aid business expansion if paired with an appropriate marketing strategy. Critical factors such as segmentation, objectives, measurement, and content must be considered, as with any other strategy.

Given that we are in an opportune moment to start benefiting from WhatsApp campaigns, the subsequent action should be to inquire about feasible use cases that best align with business models

Need some inspiration? Here are FROGED’s top picks:

It is a fact that the average person accesses WhatsApp at least 20 times each day.

Why WhatsApp plays a crucial role in ROI strategies and other great benefits

With WhatsApp it’s easy to connect with your audience. It’s one of the favorite channels of consumers in many countries and messages are shorter, for example than a typical email, so it’s more likely that people read the content.

Compared to traditional marketing channels, WhatsApp marketing campaigns are remarkably cost-effective. Sending messages, updates, and promotional content through WhatsApp is often free or incurs minimal costs, especially when considering the potential return on investment. This affordability makes WhatsApp an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. Moreover, traditional channels like Email Campaigns or Social Media Ads are increasingly saturating consumers and are not that effective any more in terms of ROI and conversion

31% of WhatsApp users are 18 to 34 years old. Phone calls have lost the interest of young consumers in favour of instant messaging. So WhatsApp marketing strategies could be the answer to many companies’ prayers.

WhatsApp’s immediacy is a key asset for delivering real-time updates and timely offers. Businesses can leverage this feature to notify customers about flash sales, limited-time promotions, or important announcements instantly. The ability to deliver time-sensitive information directly to the customer’s mobile device ensures that marketing messages are seen promptly, increasing the chances of customer response.

WhatsApp is generally associated to social relations, while email has over the years been relegated to a more professional or bureaucratic category. We don’t tend to use email as a means of daily contact, because it is more complex and time-consuming.

By sending targeted messages based on customer preferences and behavior, businesses can tailor their marketing content to resonate with specific segments of their audience. This personalization enhances customer satisfaction and increases the likelihood of conversion, as customers feel a stronger connection to the brand.

WhatsApp places a strong emphasis on user privacy and security. End-to-end encryption ensures that messages exchanged between businesses and customers remain private and secure. This commitment to privacy can enhance customer trust and confidence in the brand, a critical factor in the age of increasing concerns about data security.

WhatsApp facilitates two-way communication, allowing businesses to engage in real-time conversations with their customers. This enables customers to ask questions, seek support, or provide feedback directly. The ability to receive instant feedback is invaluable for businesses looking to improve their products or services and enhance the overall customer experience. It also fosters a sense of transparency and trust between the business and its customers.

In conclusion, WhatsApp marketing campaigns offer a plethora of benefits for businesses seeking to establish a direct and meaningful connection with their audience. From global reach and cost-effective communication to personalization and real-time engagement, the platform provides a versatile and powerful tool for marketers. As businesses continue to adapt to the evolving landscape of digital marketing, incorporating WhatsApp into their strategies can be a game-changer, unlocking new opportunities for growth and success.

At FROGED, we embrace a forward-thinking approach that aligns with the essence of WhatsApp campaigns. Our vision is to fully harness the potential of these campaigns, and we work diligently to customise our solutions to seamlessly align with diverse business use cases. As the digital marketing landscape evolves, integrating WhatsApp into strategies becomes pivotal, presenting businesses with dynamic opportunities for growth and success.

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