“There’s no such thing as an overnight success story”. But how are some B2B SaaS companies doing it? CS Expert, Anika Zubair lays out the 5 customer success strategies that are helping small and mid-sized businesses win in the market.

In this video, Anika dives into the key learnings and customer success strategies you must implement, to guarantee customer success:

1. Build customer onboarding flows: Onboarding sets the tone for your product, and determines whether they want to work with you, or not. By implementing a good onboarding strategy, you can increase retention rates and also reduce churn down the line.

2. Utilize your loyal customers: Celebrate and utilize your brand evangelists and loyal customers. These will still be one of your strongest assets, and they will be able to help you create content, and create awareness across different channels.

3. Provide holistic value: Make your clients feel like a partner, not a vendor. Ensure all of your team and their team are involved in optimizing the product experience, especially the Marketing, Customer Success, and Sales departments.

4. Educate your customer: The more they understand and use your product, the more likely they are to stay and become advocates for your product. Take the opportunity to explain your product, especially about the unused features, and where you can, book a meeting with your clients, or create educative materials.

5. Evolve your strategy: Understand that once the initial strategy is implemented, it’s not over. Take the time to test, test and test again, and be ready to adjust quickly if the approach isn’t working.

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