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Connect all your channels in one place and build strong relationships, without all the headaches.

Dozens of trailbrazing organizations loving us can’t be wrong.


Transform your business potential

Our mission is to provide you with an easy-to-use and unified communications solution to improve your customer relationships.

Communication, made easy.

Empower your customers with freedom of choice and allow them to reach out on their terms. Whether it’s email, live chat, phone, or social media, we ensure every channel is open for effortless communication.

Reach out in bulk.

Reach your audience by Email or WhatsApp Campaigns and deliver compelling messages, that resonate with them. This is your gateaway to elevate your outreach strategies, drive engagement, and achieve unparalleled results.

Fuel your engagement.

Harness the power of personalized messaging, real-time interactions, and smart automation. Elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty with automessaging, behavioral emails, campaigns or flows, tailored precisely to your business needs.

Support. Redefined.

Here’s where customer support becomes effortless. Streamline your service operations, resolve queries swiftly, and enhance customer satisfaction. With real-time collaboration, and comprehensive customer insights, you’ll deliver deliver unparalleled experiences.

Data-driven decisions.

Harness the power of ready-made reports and analytics to track your team’s progress and identify customer patterns. Dive deeper by personalizing your own reports, ensuring your business decisions are always backed by data-driven precision.


Boosting your ROI with WhatsApp Campaigns

Automatically send mass campaings to your list of contacts and market your business on the world’s most popular messaging app.


Seamless conversations, unmatched experiences.

Elevate your service with FROGED voice calls channel and increase your team’s efficiency with smart automation and metrics.

Unite Your Tools, Unleash Your Potential.

When you connect your technology stack to FROGED, the data is useful and easy to use and with it you can streamline your workflow, and transform every interaction.


Don’t take our word for it. Trust our clients.


Customer Service Software
for customer-first teams.

Our dynamic and flexible platform is built with a simple philosophy: be more proactive and less reactive, create brand advocates and make it easy. Like, really easy.

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