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Less churn, higher customer loyalty

An anti-Churn tool to engage and retain users that communicates based on your customers’ behavior

14 days of unlimited free trial
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They are creating outstanding customer experiences

“Using Froged I’ll be able to keep track of my customers, see what they are doing and give them a much better experience”

“I would recommend Froged especially to business who are looking to improve their communication and support with their customers”

“Now we can trigger messages to our users based on their actions which has increased a lot our conversion rates”

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What you can do with Froged

Convert leads into customers
Automate proactive messages to your website visitors using behavioral profiling
Offer stunning support
Increase customer loyalty by resolving questions in real time with live chat and knowledge base
Engage better with your customers
Reach new customers, send personalized behavior‑based messages, and increase engagement with automated campaigns.
Convert Froged

Convert leads into customers

Event tracking
Identify growth opportunities by understanding each customer journey with live insights
Proactive messages
Send personalized messages at the right time to help your users make a decision
Collect user information
Collect email addresses in live chat to provide answer when the visitor is already gone

Offer stunning support

Live chat
Include live chat in your product and solve your customers' problems with real-time response
Knowledge base
Provide help articles to walk your customers through products and services. Perfectly integrated with the chat for super fast support
Customer success
Improve customer satisfaction by sending campaigns about the status of your product
Support Froged
Engage Froged

Engage better with your customers

Customer segmentation
Send tailor-made in app notifications to segmented audience
Email campaigns
Boost customer activation by detecting users who are not active and wake them up with impressive email campaigns
Behavioral emails
Increase your open rate by personalized emails based on your customer's behavior

Less than 5 mins to integrate it

Froged is easy to install, just with a few steps, you can include in your product, live chat, knowledge base, in-app messages and much more to have a life cycle customer service

Generate better results

60% of consumers would return to a website offering Froged live chat
Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%