πŸš€ 5 amazing tools to build your MVP πŸš€

Digital Marketing

πŸš€ 5 amazing tools to build your MVP πŸš€

Hi! This is Jesus. Let me show you 5 amazing tools to build your MVP.

At the beginning of your project, it’s very important to accurate with the tools that you choose. My goal is to try to help you to find the best solution for your business.

Let’s start!

  1. Invision. This tool allows you to make a prototype of how your website or app would look like, simple and intuitive.
  2. Instapage. Within this tool, you can make a Landing Page quickly with a fairly aesthetic interface. You can get your first leads of customers to validate your idea in the market.
  3. Froged. Marketing, sales and support all-in-one app. The easiest way to manage the relationship with your customers. Database, chat, automated messages, Tracking, and more features in a single, intuitive and affordable tool.
  4. Unsplash + Canva + Hootsuite. In the beginning, you have to create a lot of content for your brand, here you have 3 steps:

– Unsplash. Download great pictures totally free.
– Canva. Create your attractive content with one of their templates.
– Hootsuite. Within this tool, you will be able to automate the publishing of your social media content.

5. Buzzumo. If you need creativity help, Buzzumo will help you to find the content that performs best.

This tools will really make your life easier!

Within Froged you will find all the features that you need to engage your customer and improve your retention. Book a FREE DEMO now!